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Industrial Floor Coatings


The industrial floor coatings teams at Rhino Pro San Diego are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality floor coatings in Southern California.

We’re experts at installing durable epoxy, poly urea and polyaspartic protective finishes. Whether you’ve got 1000 or 10,000 square feet of flooring to protect, Rhino Pro San Diego has you covered. Our beautiful flaked finishes are up to 10 times thicker than paint, and last for decades. Call us today for a free quote at 619 454 4506


Join us and discover why Rhino Pro San Diego is a leader in industrial and protective epoxy and poly urea floor coatings.
A great prep job is critical to any quality industrial coatings installation. Once your floors are free of defects, we use Diamond Grinders or Bead Blasters to remove any dirt, paint, grease or grime. With your floors cleaned and prepped, we’ll check the moisture content of the concrete, prime the floors, and if necessary, apply a Moisture Barrier.

With your floors cleaned and primed, it’s time for the color coat. And talk about colors! With over 160 color combinations we’re sure to have just the look you desire.

With the color coat still tacky, it’s time to broadcast the color chips. Our signature blend color chips are the perfect complement to your color coat. We liberally broadcast color chips into the color coat creating a beautiful flaked look for your floors.

After broadcasting the chips, it’s time to sweep, scrape and vacuum up the excess, in preparation for the top coat. Choose from epoxy, polyaspartic or Poly Urea top coats. Our Poly Urea Top Coat creates a beautiful, durable coating with three times the abrasion strength of epoxy.

With the top coat fully cured, your new floor is ready to be put to work.

As you can see, the industrial floor coatings experts at Rhino Pro San Diego are real pros! Call us at (619)454-4506 and discover the solution to your industrial floor coatings headaches.

Find out how Rhino Pro San Diego can help solve your industrial floor coatings problems. Call us today at (619)454-4506